No matter how much you think you know there is always the opportunity to learn more. Learning via formal schooling, on the job training, conferences, workshops are all enabling formulators of today to understand new technology as well as new trends in either manufacturing or market claims.

The vision of FormulaCare is to be part of that learning experience FormulaCare was held during March 2010 in the Philippines. The simple driving force was to educate the formulators of cosmetics in the ASEAN region so they could compete with the rest of the world.

To take cutting edge technology and new ingredients and to formulate effective cosmetic products. Feedback from participants at the FormulaCare 2010 workshops highlighted a real need for training. It was with this feedback that FormulaCare has re-emerged in 2011 in a new format.

Cutting edge technology is being embraced to provide comprehensive training at a very low cost in both time and money to not only cosmetic manufacturing companies but to cosmetic ingredient manufacturers, distributors and consultants.

The request for training was also not limited to just formulators but also QC chemists, technical sales specialists, marketing and business development personnel. FormulaCare has always been about the practical aspects of taking a guide formulation and turning it into a successful finished product.

Many of today’s guide formulations are just not easy to mix at the bench and then scale up when you take into account the large variations from different suppliers in the raw materials or even variations in mixing apparatus available to the formulator and the design of their manufacturing sites.

I believe its like baking a cake, you can have the photo and recipe but unless you use the correct flour and ingredients as well as the right speed of the mixer and a good oven with the ideal temperatures your cake never ends up looking like the recipe photo

Many ingredient suppliers are dedicated to improving formulating technology in the region and have demonstrated their willingness by sponsoring FormulaCare training and workshops.

Highlights of the new FormulaCare are

  • Theory training modules
  • Practical training in each country
  • A segmented list of supplier’s ingredients to ascertain the correct need for the formulator
  • Guide formulations from FormulaCare 2010
  • Guide Formulations for 2011

Pamela Jones
PCA Consulting Pte Ltd

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