Did you attend any of our free training webinars in 2012?
If not you missed out on an interesting, informative and exciting program.

Baking a cake is difficult enough when you have the right ingredients; the correct mixer; an accurate oven… and the temperature spot on.

What happens when you don’t have all the same things that are listed in your recipe?

Will close do? Probably not.
That means just one thing ~ Disaster!
You lose time AND money.

The outcome is the same for you when:

  • mixing new ingredients that may be unstable in your formulation;
  • using a different supplier for ingredients;
  • substituting one item for another;

One or all of these things can cause serious stability problems for your final product.

Remember ~ every manufacturing plant is different. Manufacturing processes vary and with that so can the outcome of your batch.

How do you resolve this issue?
Easy! You can find the answers you need by listening to the experts on the Webinar hosted by your supplier on FormulaCare.

It’s an easy, convenient and a free way of having a specialist standing in your lab and guiding your team through the formulation minefield.

Our vision at FormulaCare

To be an integral part of your learning experience!

Our driving force
To educate the formulators of cosmetics in the ASEAN region
so they can compete with the rest of the world ~ but do it better!

Our formula
To take cutting edge technology and new and innovative ingredients
and allow you to create effective and innovative cosmetic products!

This provides you and your team with comprehensive training at a very low unit cost in both time and money.

By embracing this concept not only will it benefit cosmetic manufacturers but those who supply ingredients, the distributors and your consultants.

Training should be provided on as broad a scope as possible. Not limited to formulators alone, but be made available to QC chemists, technical sales specialists, marketing and business development personnel.

FormulaCare has always been about the practical aspects of
taking a guide formulation and turning it into a successful finished product.

Many of today’s formulations are just not easy to mix at the bench. Problems can be compounded on scaling up when you take into account the potentially large variations between suppliers. Variations in the mixing equipment available to your team … Even the design of a manufacturing site can make a successful outcome tough to achieve.

Many ingredient suppliers are dedicated to improving formulating technology in the region and have clearly demonstrated their willingness to this cause by sponsoring FormulaCare training and workshops.

FormulaCare in a nutshell can provide:

  • Theory training modules …
  • Practical training in your country …
  • A segmented list of supplier’s ingredients …
  • Guide formulations.

Call us.

Pamela Jones
PCA Consulting Pte Ltd

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